Cancer Patient Guide

If you or a family member has cancer, this Cancer Patient Guide has information that can be very important to you. It talks about medical tests, finding the right doctors and talking to them, obtaining second opinions, selecting the right treatments, and getting other help you may need.

Upon learning that they have cancer, many patients put themselves in their physicians’ hands, accept information as it is presented, and follow the recommendations of cancer professionals. Others feel the need to understand every detail of their illness, personally evaluate all treatment options, and participate in each phase of their care.

This guide is for the patient who needs to know what is happening, what the choices are, and how to be involved. While we may be living in the age of the information highway, your cancer diagnosis may have put you on that highway without a map. This guide will help you find and use important information. It tells you where to begin and what to expect first. It then guides you through the process of building a relationship with your doctor, learning about cancer treatment options, dealing with problems, and facing end of life issues.

This guide can help you feel better by giving you the knowledge and tools to navigate your treatment journey. It can help you maintain a positive attitude and build confidence in the doctors and treatment that you choose.