The Bay Area Tumor Institute

The Bay Area Tumor Institute is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving the rates of cure or disease-free survival for cancer patients, while discovering more effective and humane ways to deliver cancer care via participation in the nation’s most scientifically advanced community-based effort to cure, control and prevent cancer.  The Institute serves cancer patients, those at “high risk” for developing cancer, and medical professionals who treat cancer patients. Major cancer services of the Institute include:

Cancer Research Programs

The Bay Area Tumor Institute’s NCORP (National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program) provides cancer specialists and their patient in the East Bay with the most advanced investigational Cancer Treatments approved by the National Cancer Institute, as well as opportunities for populations “at risk” to participate in Cancer Prevention Trials.

Resources for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients will find important information in the online Cancer Patient Guide, which teaches patients to empower themselves. The Institute also promotes minority group participation in cancer research and prevention trials, and offers free case reviews for East Bay Melanoma cancer patients.

Education Program for Nurses

Nurses and healthcare professionals can obtain advanced professional training through Continuing Education Programs for East Bay oncology nurses.  A complete description of Upcoming Courses and the ability to register online are both available in the Nursing Education area.


For the past five years, the Bay Area Tumor Institute has received an annual award of excellence from the National Cancer Institute for our work in providing advanced anti-cancer therapies to patients, often years before these treatments become commonly available. We invite you to see the Awards section of this website to learn more.

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